Your personal medical assistant

WiseDoc is a heathcare chatbot. He allows you to make an appointment with a doctor around you. It also makes it possible to carry out a pre-diagnosis in order to know what is the disease you have and the specialty you need.


Yet another AI health assistant they said?

A brief introduction to wisedoc

Unlike the other AI Healthcare bots, Wisedoc focuses on making appointments with doctors because our goal is not to reduce appointments to doctors but rather to make it easier.

The pre-diagnosis provided by Wisedoc is not intended to replace the medical diagnosis made with a doctor. It's just there for information purpose.

The problem of counterfeit drugs is topical, especially in Africa but unfortunately there is almost no solutions to this scourge. At wisedoctor, we hope to reduce or even eradicate this phenomenon by allowing you to check the medications you consume.

Frequently asked question

All the confidential informations we collect are kept secret and we use itexclusivelyto personalize your experience.
Wisedoc is still under trial. You can test it and we will send you a message as soon as it is ready for use. We will constantly update our application to meet your needs.
Wisedoc analyzes the symptoms you are sending it and from the information gathered, it will give you up to 10 questions in order to achieve an accuracy of about 90% on the diagnosis.
With the experience gained by talking, Wisedoc become much smarter and maybe you will one day, who knows, predict disease and give advice accordingly?